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Trucks Account for Majority of NAFTA Freight by Value

Tri-National Inc

Tri-National Inc. is a trucking company based in Earth City, Missouri; this central location allows Tri-National Inc. the ability to provide service around the United States, Mexico, and Canada, serving as a premier provider of NAFTA transportation.

Statistics from the Department of Transportation show that the majority of NAFTA freight is still moved by truck, according to data published in August 2016. The data, which examined June of the same year, shows that trucks moved $31.2 billion of the total $49.2 billion in imports into the United States. As for exports, trucking accounted for $29.4 billion out of $43.5 billion.

Between the United States and Canada, trucks were responsible for carrying 60.4 percent of freight, based on value. The closest competitor was the railroad, accounting for just 15.8 percent.

For freight going between Mexico and the United States, trucks hauled 70.8 percent of cargo, again based on value. The rails came in second here, too, accounting for 14.5 percent of the freight. Despite still moving the majority of NAFTA freight between the three countries, truck-carried freight was down 5.8 percent compared with 2015’s data.


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