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Telematics Coming to the Trucking Industry

Tri-National Inc

A trucking company that operates from Mexico to Canada, Tri-National Inc. has been awarded "Truckload Carrier of the Year" multiple times by JIT automotive supplier Johnson Controls, Inc. A premier provider among NAFTA partners, Tri-National Inc. is always on top of new technologies.

The trucking industry is undergoing a technological revolution, and telematics is the fastest-growing technology sector. Telematics refers to real-time data transmission using wireless technology, and it will enable even more advancements.

Communication between vehicles will allow platooning, promote safety, and establish a foundation for intelligent transportation systems. The installation of digital shortwave roadside receivers and transmitters will permit vehicle data communication.

All this connectivity will allow OEMs to update firmware in real time as well as supply embedded hardware on the newest trucks. However, this might be difficult, since most trucking companies use trucks from various manufacturers.

Telematics may also be used to automate the scheduling of vehicle service, and new regulations will require electronic logging for a truck’s hours of service.


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